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    Bard Laabs

    Bard Laabs


    Bard is a subject matter expert in CAD, RMS, mobile, and 911 systems, as well as Public Safety system interface design, system implementation, and data sharing.

    As a former police officer, police technology manager, and current reserve sergeant, Bard is uniquely qualified to develop and provide support for law enforcement systems. He draws on his technical and user experience from 3 perspectives–as a customer purchasing law enforcement systems, as a law enforcement software engineer, and as the technical manager for a regional law enforcement data sharing system.  He has a keen understanding of public safety processes that lead to successful law enforcement technology operations.

    Bard has direct experience developing and supporting interfaces with CA-EDRS (California Electronic Death Registration System), CLETS, NCIC, NLETS, and the FBI’s RDEX system.  He has planned and managed implementations of law enforcement software and systems including CAD, RMS, Mobile, 911 emergency communications, computer networks, and radio communications.

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