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    Law Enforcement Field Reporting and RMS

    Cohero’s RMS/Field Reporting is a powerful, web-based platform that will make your agency more efficient and empower your staff with fingertip access to critical information when it counts most.

    Cohero Field Reporting was designed from the ground up with the input of active law enforcement officers, records personnel and administrators. Cohero uses the latest in web-based technology with a solid, robust database at the core.

    Accessible From Your Tablet, Smartphone and More
    The web-based client makes accessing Cohero’s platform possible from virtually any device in use at a law enforcement agency today and in the future. Whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, in the field or at the office, the Cohero platform has you covered.

    A Modular System That Can Be Customized To Your Agency’s Needs
    Cohero understands that not all agencies share the same needs. Cohero Field Reporting/RMS was built as a modular system, empowering agencies to acquire a system tailored to their needs, without unnecessary bloat and expense. As your needs change, the Cohero platform is built to grow with you by enabling new functionality through the addition of modules.

    Powerful Searching, Reporting and Integration Across Modules
    Whether you have one or more modules, a powerful common layer of ILEMS provides search, reporting and integration across modules and with external systems. Want to build your own modules? Through a comprehensive API, you can build your own modules that can be integrated with our other modules.

    Push Notifications, Dashboarding and More
    Much more than a simple entry and search database, the Cohero platform is built to support push notifications, automated searches and reporting, powerful and informative dashboards and more.