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    Media Manager

    ILEMS Media Manager is a powerful repository for storage and management of all your digital evidence, including photos, video and audio. Users plug in their digital media devices to a desktop computer and upload the files into a secure repository with a few clicks of the mouse.

    The system supports short-term, temporary storage as well as long-term, case-based storage. Media folders can be indexed based upon case number, incident number or another unique number. For additional flexibility and tracking, high-risk incidents such as uses of force and hostile contacts can be flagged for later follow-up.

    Routine recordings can be automatically purged from the system after a preset time period has elapsed. Users can review their own media files through powerful searching capabilities.

    Access to all files in the system is controlled by user-configurable roles and permissions. You can permit certain personnel to view all types of media stored in the system while restricting other personnel.

    The long-term archival feature enables you to store data offline, such as on DVD. User configurable options allow your Evidence personnel to easily manage this process electronically. Court discovery is handled within the system. A module enables authorized personnel to manage exporting media outside of the system to satisfy discovery requests.

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