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    Coroner Records Management System

    Cohero’s Coroner Records Management System is an end to end case management and workflow solution for Coroners and Medical Examiners. The web-based case management system allows for fast and accurate data entry from your desktop or in the field, an agency-configurable approval workflow, and ad-hoc statistical reporting. A customized Intake Module, allows first responders to enter preliminary death data into the system and route it to a Coroner Investigator for review and import into a Coroner case, ultimately reducing redundant data entry.

    The system is fully web-based and HTML5 compliant. This enables access to the system from a variety of end-user devices, such as desktop computers and laptops as well as tablet devices, including the Apple iPad and Android based devices.

    The attachment component enables a paperless office by allowing staff to attach files to case records. The files can be of various types, including images, videos, or scanned hard copies of documents.  All files can be tagged and organized into categories for easy review and bulk download.

    Powerful searching capabilities enable you to search virtually any data field in the system. The drop down fields can be customized to fit the needs of your agency. An ad-hoc reporting component enables you to generate reports based upon your criteria. The user-friendly dashboard provides management with an at-a-glance view of the case load within the office.

    Access to all records is controlled by roles and permissions. Fine grained control enables you to grant personnel access, including read/write permissions, based upon your needs.

    For California customers, the system is fully compatible with the California Electronic Death Reporting System. A two-way interface permits sending records to and retrieving records from EDRS. Records that are retrieved from EDRS are automatically parsed and fill out the appropriate fields within CRMS.

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