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    Code Enforcement

    ILEMS Code Enforcement is a comprehensive solution for managing the code enforcement workflow. The system was built from the ground up by code enforcement professionals and is designed to track and automate nearly every aspect of the case lifecycle.

    Every case supports the collection of a wide variety of data elements, including property owner and tenant information, violations, vehicles, notes, activities and documents. All information is searchable and can be tabulated and presented in a variety of reports. Additionally, custom reports are only a few clicks away.

    Agency-specific forms and notices can be generated using data recorded within the case. This streamlines the workflow and eliminates the costs associated with duplicate data entry. The availability of tablets and mobile printers allows for more time in the field.

    Officers can attach photos, documents and other files to cases. This ensures no more lost documents and eliminates the need to maintain separate filing systems to store this data. Photos can be e-mailed directly from the system.

    Administrative citations can be generated at the click of a button and are stored with the case record. With user-friendly look-up fields, officers have instant access to city code references and associated penalty amounts. This ensures accuracy and also improves compliance.

    Rapid access to historical information empowers officers to take appropriate action with repeat violators.