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    Citizen Reporting

    Cohero’s Citizen Reporting is a publicly-accessible, web-based reporting solution for filing simple crime reports and service requests. This solution is designed to increase citizen engagement while reducing the workload of your field and administrative personnel.

    The Citizen Reporting homepage is fully customized per-agency, typically designed to match the style of your main website, including a greeting, custom graphics and links.

    Types of crime reports, and the qualifying criteria for filing an online report, are determined by each client agency. Examples of report types supported include vandalism, cold theft and burglary reports (from vehicles, buildings or otherwise), lost property and fraud/identity theft.

    The elements collected for each report type, and the validations enforced, are fully customizable to meet your data collection needs. The details collected are suitable for NIBRS or UCR reporting, and lookup values are updated from your RMS.

    Service requests, such as extra patrol, abandoned vehicles or crime tips, may also be collected and forwarded to the appropriate units/personnel for follow-up.

    Completed submissions are encrypted to protect personal information and securely transferred to your internal network.

    An approval website is available to allow pre-review or editing of citizen-submitted reports before they are posted to RMS. Citizens are automatically notified when their reports are accepted or rejected.

    Approved reports are seamlessly posted to your RMS, without the need for data entry.

    Designed using the latest web technology and to be simple yet visually appealing, this is a website you will be proud to make public.