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    Our Products

    Law Enforcement and Coroner
    Field Reporting and Records Management

    Coroner/Medical Examiner Records Management

    Modern, web-based, end to end case management solution. Can be hosted in the cloud or  On- Premises. Captures:

    • Decedent Details
    • Cause/Manner of Death
    • Contacts and Responding Agencies
    • Property & Evidence
    • Tox
    • Medical and Injuries
    • Images and Attachments
    • Synopsis and Narrative

    Law Enforcement Field Reporting and RMS

    Web-based, fully-integrated Field Reporting and Records Management System built in 2017 using the newest technology on the market. Can be used in any WIFI location on all of your devices–desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Administrators can configure their own fields and screens to match your agencies business process. Integrated, configurable, approval workflow process.

    Media Manager

    A powerful repository for storage and management of all your digital evidence, including photos, video and audio files.

    Interview Manager

    Facilitates the recording and storage of audio and video from interview room cameras. Can be used in conjunction with Media Manager.

    Citizen Reporting

    Hosted, fully-customized application offering guided questions to assist citizens in reporting non-emergency incidents.

    Code Enforcement

    A comprehensive solution for managing code enforcement workflow, designed to track and automate nearly every aspect of the case lifecycle.

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