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2 years ago
Douglas County Sheriff's Office

Cohero has worked very closely with Douglas County, CO over the past year and we are extremely saddened about the loss of one of their deputies in this terrible incident over the weekend. A Fallen ... See more

Sheriff Spurlock announces the name of the deputy who was shot and killed this morning in the Copper Canyon Apartments shooting. #CopperCanyonOIS

It is with deep sadness we announce that 29-year-old ... See more

2 years ago

To all who have served, Thank you!

2 years ago

Happy Halloween to all of our current and future customers!! Stay safe out there tonight!

2 years ago

The new version of Cohero's Coroner RMS- V2.0.8 was delivered to Sonoma County this morning! We're excited about rolling out new features and improvements to all of our customers in the month of ... See more

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