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Every Edition Includes

Icon Icon Standard Edition Icon Professional Edition Icon Enterprise Edition
Typical Population Served less than 50,000 less than 250,000 250,000 or more
Recommended Number of Users 3-5 users 6-12 users 12+ users
Recommended Cases Per Year Up to 500 cases Up to 2500 cases More than 2500
Active Home Page
Case Entry & Searching
Attach Photos & Documents
Included Storage    Storage Details
   Total amount based on annual record count
~ 20MB per case ~ 60MB per case ~ 250MB per case
Additional Storage Add Any Time Add Any Time Add Any Time
Toxicology & Medication Tracking
Property & Evidence Tracking
Printed Reports
Fillable Forms Built-In Only
Signature Capture
Field Help
Review & Approval Workflow
Advanced Searching & Reporting
Live Status Board
Custom Workflow Optional
Full-Text Search
Message Board, Morgue Log, Hold Log
Email Support
Phone Support
Subscription (Cloud Hosted)
On-Premise / Self-Hosted Optional
Data Conversion Optional Optional Optional
State EDRS Interface
    Available for CA and PA
    Ask about other states